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No Boundaries is an adaptive dance program that is specifically designed to meet the physical and cognitive needs of its students.  My desire to start this program began with my family and friends.  I have seen parents struggle to find a place that their child can thrive, explore and express themselves on their terms and at their own pace. Infusion Performing Arts is where kids can come to do just that! There will be open communication between the instructor and families; working with your already in progress IEP to assist in meeting physical and social goals. Students working with an occupational therapist; exercises can be included in the class to reinforce what they are currently working on in their therapies.


In this adaptive program we will take the challenges that the students can face (social interactions, expressive verbal and non-verbal language/communication and difficulty engaging in one on one and group situations) and give them a positive encouraging atmosphere to try new things. No student will be forced to participate – it is own free will within the structure of the class focus.  We will use various items such as textured therapy balls, balloons, ribbons, scooters and scarves to learn how our body moves and connect music to movement.  Dance and movement has been reported as a great approach to working directly with the challenges of cognitive impairments as well as physical impairments; such as cerebral palsy and other muscular diseases. 


This is not strictly a dance class, nor is it just an exercise class.  This class is designed to work and strengthen the gross and fine motor skills of its participants.  We will also take steps to strengthen all forms of communication and connection.  While moving as a group, we are developing a sense of community and connection; this is the base to which each student can grow and develop the connection between each other and the connection of their own minds and bodies.  Items of education for this class will contain: vestibular activities, gait/joint/mobility and flexibility exercises, dominant and non-dominant exercises, children's yoga, creative movement and proprioceptive exercises.


*Instructor can/will use sign language as an additional form of communication with each student.

Birthday Parties the academy is available for party rentals.  Contact the office for available times and cost

Parents Night Out will be posted on our Facebook page.  Kids only events with dancing and activities while the parents enjoy an evening out on the town. Only a $10 drop in cost for the 1st child and $2 each child in the same family.  Details will be posted on Facebook as available

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