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About Us

The success of the performing arts academy needs to be attributed to every teacher that walks in the classroom, every parent that volunteers and every student who comes in with a positive attitude to work and achieve success on every level, small and large.  The owner will focus all of these people into one common goal for the betterment of the performing arts academy and its instruction to the students.

Infusion Performing Arts Academy will be a high quality education program for students ages 2-adult in the areas of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Hip Hop, Pointe and other forms of Performing Arts. This program will be created and run to develop the whole person through curriculum that integrates all aspects of fitness, well being, performing and movement. We aim to develop each student physically, artistically and socially to give each student the skills they need to move forward into a professional career, college dance experience and/or healthy living choices.

Our vision includes the belief that:


  • A strong curriculum and syllabus will support the potential of each student

  • Each student will be taught in a creative, cooperative and collaborative manner all while promoting independent thinking.

  • Students learn best in a creative environment placed within a firm framework of high standards in instruction and in learning.

Vision Statement

It is the sole focus for Infusion Performing Arts Academy to provide a rounded performing arts education in a professional and safe environment.  Infusion will use all resources, technology, networking and social media to educate all students in performing arts, healthy living, exercise and self awareness.

Improve student Critical thinking

This will allow the progression for the students to be smooth and each student receives a personalized education, based on their developmental skills.

Developing Pro-Social Behavior

By encouraging the students to be involved and made to feel a part of the process and a part of the academy, students are more likely to participate and be encouraging. Using summer programs and Teacher Assistant programs to mold and create a community for the students to begin steps to mentoring and leadership will help them develop social skills they will need for conflict resolution and better communication.

Use technology for artistic and creative learning purposes

Allowing the creative process to capture all aspects of performing will give each and every student the ability to “think outside the box”.  Giving them creative freedom to explore and allowing them to experience new aspects of performance.  When students can use video, lighting and technology in their education as well as their performance, they can enrich their experience and understand the movement more in depth.

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